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wcg-logoWorcester Common Ground, Inc. (WCG), a Community Development Corporation (CDC) was founded in 1988 in response to concern about absentee ownership of land and property, the high cost of housing, the displacement of families from their homes into shelters, and the fading dream of home ownership and economic opportunity for those living in the most underserved neighborhood of Central Worcester, Massachusetts. Our member-based organization is composed of land trust residents, concerned citizens, housing advocates, and community leaders. We are an open membership, not-for-profit organization run by an elected board of land trust members.

The mission of WCG is to promote and develop permanent and sustainable improvement in the neighborhoods of Central Worcester through affordable housing, community activism and economic development.  We act as a developer of last resort, rehabilitating abandoned housing and acquiring parcels of vacant land for new construction to provide area residents with affordable rental units, the opportunity to own their own home, and an avenue to contribute to an increased level of neighborhood investment, pride and stability. As WCG has grown as a CDC, we have come to understand the vital importance of implementing a sustainable and comprehensive neighborhood improvement strategy to support out affordable housing objectives. 

WCG engages in partnerships with other community organizations to address area residents' varied needs including public safety, youth involvement, recreation, community planning, and neighborhood business development. In order to ensure that our initiatives are successful, we encourage residents and partners to participate as community activists and stakeholders in creating a stabilized, viable and thriving neighborhood where there is opportunity for home ownership and quality rental housing, within a safe, affordable and family-friendly community.

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