Past Neighborhood Initiatives - WCG continues to focus on neighborhood initiatives in order to strengthen the connection between the neighborhoods and to work with the community to identify problems and solutions. These include:

  • Piedmont Initiative
  • Neighborhood Stabilization Initiative
  • First-Time Homeownership Initiative
  • Resident Owner Support Initiative
  • Austin Street Initiative
  • Your Own Home/Su Casa Propia: First-Time Home Buyer Initiative
  • Post-Purchase Counseling Initiative
  • Pleasant Area Community Team (PACT)
  • Pleasant Street Weed and Seed Initiative
  • Worcester Polytechnic Institute COPC Initiative: Chandler Street Corridor Revitalization Study
  • Bellevue/Bluff Neighborhood Group
  • Green CDC Initiative
  • Environmental Justice Initiative

Current Neighborhood Initiatives

  • Pleasant Area Community Team (PACT)
  • Hawley Street Task Force (HSTF)
  • 2016 Trinity Lutheran Basketball League
  • Urban Revival BlaQ Ink'D
  • Piedmont Pride: Love Your Neighborhood

Programs and Services - The programs and services offered by WCG fall into three departments: Property Management, Real Estate Development, and Community Organizing.

The Property Division manages 73 rental units in 16 properties, the main objective of the Property Division is to maintain and manage existing properties.

The Housing Development Division oversees all housing production. The main objective of the Housing Development Division is to reclaim and redevelop abandoned and/or distressed properties, transforming them from neighborhood eyesores into assets.

The primary purpose of Community Organizing Division is to engage the community in neighborhood stabilization, revitalization and development. The main objectives are as follows:

  • Building and strengthening relationships with resident groups and organizations
  • Assisting residents in identifying solutions to neighborhood problems
  • Building and maintaining a strong, resident-led membership

Collaborations - WCG establishes and maintains collaborative relationships with agencies and organizations that share a commitment to and can provide services in the target area. In all of its work, WCG fosters a sense of team work and support throughout the community. WCG has a consistent track record of reaching out to the neighborhood residents as part of all planning and development efforts. A full time neighborhood outreach staff person works building relationships with community residents and in conjunction with neighborhood groups.

WCG is an active participant in resident planning efforts and serves an important leadership role within the community. Some of our previous and ongoing partners include: various City Departments - including but not limited to Fire, Police, Public Works, Health & Code - and other area non-profits, such as the Pleasant Street Neighborhood Network Center, Worcester Homeownership Center/ Worcester Community Housing Resources, WPI, Clark University, and Anna Maria College, the City Manager's Piedmont Initiative Task Force, the Piedmont Crime Prevention Team neighborhood activities, Pleasant Renaissance, Newbury Street Tot Lot Planning Group, and Downtown Neighborhood Partners (DNP), a coalition of resident groups, and institutions active in the Piedmont, Crown Hill, and Elm Park neighborhoods.

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